Membership Application
The Rooster's Wife (at the Poplar Knight Spot) is a private club.
Due to NC ABC Board restrictions, access to private clubs is restricted to members only. That being said, everyone is welcome at the Rooster's Wife (you just have to fill out a form and officially join... and we hope you do).


I can't tell you about The Rooster's Wife, you have to experience it live for yourself!

Here's how to join the Rooster's Wife
Once your application is complete, you'll receive a membership card via email.
Make sure to add to your contact list so your membership card doesn't land in your spam box by mistake.
Print out your membership card 
Sign and date the bottom then tuck it into your wallet or purse along with a valid photo ID before heading over to see the show.
If you forget, it's not the end of the world. We can look up your membership number. But it speeds up the process if you have that little piece of paper handy.
Your membership will auto-renew in 12 months unless you opt out. Don't worry. You'll get a reminder email 30 days before that happens. For questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Become a member!
We will never share your email or private information. Promise.